About Us

Mission Statement

We're not just a coaches, or merely a brand, we're a lifestyle. 

Born from the passion of a couple of Royal Marines Commando's, professional athlete's and fitness enthusiasts with a desire to help others achieve more.

Starting off by sharing their workouts on Instagram, Phyz Factory has evolved into a dynamic community that serves as a sanctuary for performance coaching, rehabilitation, nutrition, and athletic apparel.

Coach JD

@jorddawes – IG

Jordan Dawes, a Royal Marines Commando and Professional Basketball Player, also serves as the Head Coach/Co-Founder of Phyz Factory, reshaping fitness with a holistic approach. Jordan is also a Hyrox Coach and qualified coach and mentor in both fitness industry and life coaching.

Beyond his roles, he embodies resilience, overcoming injuries and inspiring many as the face of the Royal Marines, paving the way for future commandos. His journey epitomises thriving through adversity, now empowering others with his diverse experiences and unwavering determination.

Coach Morg


Morgan Dawes, a ex Championship Rugby Player and turned Functional/Multisport Fitness Coach, is renowned for his expertise in strength and power training.

His dedication to helping others achieve their fitness goals is unmatched, with a focus on improving both physical and mental resilience. Having personally experienced the challenges of injury and climbing from amateur to professional sport, Morgan offers valuable mentality coaching.

He provides guidance through setbacks with positivity and determination. His sport-specific coaching techniques have proven to be highly effective. With a passion for helping others reach their full potential, Morgan Dawes continues to inspire and motivate those he works with to push beyond their limits and achieve greatness.



Our Rehab Team @plug_in_rehab, keep you on the road to achieving. Acting as your personal injury guides, delivering rehab programmes , screening physical programming for prehab purposes, and monthly live webinars to keep you informed and on track.

Gaz McNamara

Gary spent 14 years in the British Army and has worked in athlete development, sport and fitness since 2009. His final role within the Army was leading a clinical team at Headley Court as a senior exercise rehabilitation instructor where he led the Lower Limbs team. A co-author on several peer reviewed publications Gary has been a leading voice in the development of medical technologies not only in the UK but at an international level.

Gary comes from an elite sporting background with incredible accolades that include a Guinness World Record, time spent as a GB triathlete, a Hyrox world championship qualifier and multiple wins in Ironman events and running races across Europe. Gary leads the exercise rehabilitation function of Plug-In Rehab.

Dr Ash Cox

Dr Ash Cox spent 13 years in the British Army earning the right to wear the coveted Green Beret and British Military Parachute Wings. In the later stages of his military career, he went on to qualify as an exercise rehabilitation instructor (ERI) and refined his practice working as an ERI attached to the Special Boat Service, The Gurkhas, Commando Forces and The Parachute Regiment .

After helping redesign the rehabilitation and treatment pathway for P Company candidates, Dr Cox pursued a PhD in sports, exercise, and health science. Dr Cox also leads a private practice in an advisory role to coaches and provides mentorship and support to those working in public health, and those working with celebrity clients and elite sportsmen, women, clubs and organisations.



Our Nutrition Team @primehealthandperformance guide you to a nutritionally healthier lifestyle. The lads provide tailored nutrition plans, access to a full meal library, and education for off-plan meals. Plus, don’t miss their live webinars for a deeper dive into nutrition science.


Connor Nowaczyk, a Performance Nutritionist & Registered AfN Nutritionist with over 4 years experience within the sports nutrition sector. Connor has worked with both amateur and professional athletes across multiple sports, supporting athletes & teams on their journey to national and international accolades.

Highly motivated and driven to help those progress and reach new heights, Connor has the credentials and experience to assist individuals towards achieving excellence.


Matt Hind, a performance nutritionist with a background in performance analysis and physiology. Matt has supported athletes across the board from starting their sporting journey to the elite level with Rugby Canada.

Passionate about making daily improvements and continued progression, Matt strives to apply his sport science background to everyday life. This equips him with the tools needed to make marginal gains in a sport and professional setting.

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