Welcome to Phyz Factory, your one-stop destination for holistic performance enhancement. We are a dedicated team of professional athletes, Commandos, and coaches, driven by a singular mission - to help you unlock your full potential.

Our unique approach integrates the three core pillars of performance - nutrition, mindset, and physical training. With us, you don't just train better, you become better.

At Phyz Factory, we don't just work towards your performance goals, we make them our own. Because we believe in the power of potential and we are committed to helping you realise yours. Welcome to a new era of performance enhancement. Welcome to Phyz Factory.

Featured Services

Discover our our tailor-made workouts and benefit from individualised coaching delivered by experts in all the fields we deliver in, mindset, nutrition and fitness. Along with a leading rehab team. Trust us, we are endorsed by world-leading athletes and successful professionals.

Explore our individual training weekends and bespoke team-building packages, designed to accelerate personal growth. Dive out of your comfort zone and learn to thrive in challenging situations. Transform your mindset, nutrition, and fitness with our expert coaching.

phyz factory tailor-made services


The team includes Royal Marines Commando’s, professional athletes, expert nutritionists and expert rehab instructors, Hyrox accredited and accredited life coaches, committed to holistic wellness.


Prioritise individual approach, tailoring strategies to each individuals unique needs for optimal success and satisfacHyrox Mindset, Goal-setting, training programmes, rehab/prehab, and nutrition plans.


Utilise platforms like zoom for group calls, Rehab Guru, Train Heroic, and our exclusive portal & meal libraries, all accessible on mobile devices for seamless online engagement.

Engaged Community

Connect, learn and grow within our vibrant community for exclusive in-person training events. Experience engaging community days and special access to live training packages.

Success Stories

The mindset and habit building Jordan encourages with his clients is probably the biggest standout. The idea of having accountability for your own training, "effort not excuses", is the core of the support Jordan provides and it's infectious! I'd absolutely recommend Phyz Factory to anyone.

Toby, 24

Weights down, times are up, happiness is up. Everything around it is on the up. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the coaching programme. Connecting with Plug-In Rehab, which is all part of the package. Sorted my injuries out and fell in love with phyz again. As a result, i have ran my fastest 5ks in 4 years, fastest 10ks in 2 years. It has made me fall in love with the whole process again, but this has come off the back of me talking to Phyz Factory.

Andy, 44

I was able to excel at key tests like the Royal Marines Fitness Assessment and gym pass out where I achieved gym superior“

JD put me in touch with other serving bootnecks who gave valuable insights into training.

Royal Marines Officer , 24

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